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Overfishing, illegal fishing, habitat damage, pollution, bycatch and climate change all affect the marine ecosystem in a compounding way.

Shrimps Matter is a two-to-four player game that raises awareness about the interconnected and fragile nature of an ocean ecosystem.

Shrimps Matter is a fast-learning and easily playable game that is currently available in French and English.

Want to play? Shrimps Matter will soon be available to order as a box set or downloaded and printed. Shrimps Matter is also available to play at Impact HUB Ottawa.

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Other than being super fun, the game was intelligent and gave real insight into the obstacles faced when trying to make our oceans more sustainable. The message was not black and white. The game play and design were so excellent. I was thoroughly impressed!
Toni van Eeden

Request an ecosystem

The game is currently based around a Canadian Maritime ecosystem. Do you have another ecosystem that you would like to play with? Request an ecosystem by sending us an e-mail.

Shrimps Matter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial 4.0 International License. Anyone is welcome to use Shrimps Matter as a learning tool, and adapt if for another aquatic ecosystem, under the "ShareAlike" clause of the Creative Commons license - however Shrimps Matter cannot be used for commercial purposes.

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With the support of WWF-Canada and HUB Ottawa, and their Wave Makers micro-grant, Tabatha Soltay and JP Veilleux created Shrimps Matter. The game was beta-tested in Ottawa through the fall of 2015 and launched in December of 2015.

Game design by
Graphic design by Capra Design